20 cal
pH 7.6
Novos drinks have been developed with great care and a strong focus on healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability to help you boost your immune and digestive health. To cleverly deliver all the benefits, Novos caps contain plenty of performance-supporting vitamins, an explosion of flavour, and probiotic active cultures to help digestion – ours are much more efficient than the ones in yoghurt. They are stored safely in stable powder form to be released for maximum efficiency exactly when you're ready to drink. With our planet in mind, Novos uses biodegradable bottles – the perfect choice for your environmentally conscious life.

How it works

Peel off the seal
Push to release
Shake to infuse
Probiotic bacteria are one of the helpful bacteria in your digestive system, ensuring its health – important contributors to your wellbeing. As these bacteria are alive, one of the main hurdles of probiotic products is to find a way for them to survive the low pH levels of the stomach and reach the intestines. Otherwise most of the benefits are simply lost. GanedenBC30 is one of the leading probiotic products, because it is a spore-former – meaning it is highly stable and much better equipped to reach the intestines than yoghurt cultures. Their product is backed by more than 20 peer-reviewed published studies. Just as importantly, its powder form ensures the survival of the bacteria until you need them. When probiotic bacteria stay in constant contact with water, they deteriorate over time and eventually die – this is what you get with pre-mixed drinks. Novos gives you maximum efficiency, because the bacteria sit safely in the cap until you decide to release their full power.

Why choose Novos

10x more efficient active culture delivery than yoghurt
All flavours and vitamins are natural and organic
Sugar free, minimum calories
pH 7.6 alkaline spring water with balanced minerals
Probiotics and vitamins maintain their maximum value until you mix them with water
Biodegradable bottle made of sugarcane and plant combinations

Where to buy

We are currently planning to launch sales at the largest retail chains in the EU and Switzerland.

If you are interested in retailing or distributing Novos products, you're very welcome to get in touch.

Who we are

Novos is a company persistently searching for ways to improve your health and lifestyle. Water is essential to our health, but at times drinking seems like a chore. Novos cap is here to make water intake fun again and boost your wellbeing with cleverly delivered probiotics and vitamins. We have worked long and hard with professionals to develop the optimum mix of ingredients. We use biodegradable bottles, because we love our planet and know you do too. And our natural spring water has great properties and a rich history. Dating back to early 19th century, our spring is named The Mill – because powering a mill was its first job. Extensive studies have highlighted the excellent mineral composition of this water – passing through fertile soil, it is enriched with valuable minerals like calcium, magnesium and sodium. With a pH level of 7.6, this alkaline water is also an excellent way for you to balance acidity in your system.