Sunny Orange

Sun-drenched and uplifting, this drink contains orange and natural beta-carotene, both famous as powerful antioxidant sources.

Forest Berry

Wielding all the power of the fruits of the forest, this drink is chock-full of vitamins and sweetened with natural stevia.

Ginger Grapefruit

Zingy and instantly invigorating, this drink contains ginger and grapefruit for anti-inflammatory action and antioxidant boost.

Spring Water

Coming from the depths of our green planet in the pristine Nordic region, this clean and refreshing water flows to the surface of the earth at a small remote homestead where it is bottled for you to enjoy.

Make your own drink!

The most compact way to have your favourite Novos drink always with you. You don't have to carry a bottle – just keep a cap or a couple in your bag or pocket and pop it onto any bottle of water you can get your hands on. Works on all standard bottles.

New products coming soon

Right now our team is developing two new recipes, slated to join our range soon – an energy booster, based on Schisandra chinensis, also known as magnolia berry, and a soothing drink with the calming properties of valerian and added benefits of raspberry and cranberry.

Like all our products, these will contain only all-natural ingredients, and come in our signature biodegradable bottle.